Nameir is a broad title given to all the people (regardless of race) native to the lands of Viryanor. They scrape a living off the land, usually in small, self-governed communities, and often war with each other for greed or protection of natural resources they feel a right to, or any of the many feuds between families and tribes; however, many manage to maintain a lukewarm live-and-let-live relationship. But as a general rule, they can be very territorial when they feel their land and resources are being infringed upon. They don’t often intermingle or trade when it comes to other races, with the exception to the Izthak of Pyrexa.

They are largely nomadic, living in tribes, or individual families with claims to stretches of land or forests or rivers or caverns, and are constantly traversing their territory to gather resources or protect their resources from wild animals, competing tribes/families, wandering loafers that have no claim to the land, and any of the savage races that dwell in Viryanor. The boundaries of their land is loosely outlined, and it is not uncommon for one tribe or family to contest this hill or this stream for it’s resources or historical significance. Most clans only have one town for their entire people, and they are less for housing and more for commerce.

The different clans of the Nameir worship different deities, some even forego believing in any divinities and pray with their ancestors in mind.

There are four nations of Nameir.

The Vhalier are humans, and they live in the central plains of Viryanor.
The Ilafael are elves.
The Armindun are dwarves.
The Izthak are a mixed nation, and they live in the southern-most regions of Viryanor.


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