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  • Krow Tribe

    This Tribe is in the middle of a feud with the [[Bloodfields Tribe]]. They have taken possession of the majority of the fields in Viryanor.

  • Wyrwik

    The Wyrwiks live deep in the Swamps, secluded from the majority of the [[Vhalier]]. The other Mudsmen have a hard enough time with them, and outside of that, they don't care much for anything they don't know. Due to their isolation, they are rather inbred …

  • Mossmudd

    The Mossmuds live on the outskirts of the swamps, and cultivate all kinds of herbs. They can have a pious air about themselves as they stroll about in their humble hemp attire, discussing at length matters of philosophy and nature. The other [[Vhalier]] …

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