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  • Plain's Pillage

    The Plains Pillage is the only tavern in Vhalas, and one of the few permanent buildings. It is owned by the cousin of [[:ulmon]], a man named Nikklas Barman and his wife Lucinnia Barman. They have three children, the oldest two daughters, Claire and …

  • Onaf

    The Onafs are arguably the smallest of the Human families. They are sheep herders and trade roots on the side. Their lands are in the plains to the northwest. [[:trew]] is the Elder of the family, and he and his daughter [[:nat]] are the sole survivors …

  • Krow Tribe

    This Tribe is in the middle of a feud with the [[Bloodfields Tribe]]. They have taken possession of the majority of the fields in Viryanor.

  • Wyrwik

    The Wyrwiks live deep in the Swamps, secluded from the majority of the [[Vhalier]]. The other Mudsmen have a hard enough time with them, and outside of that, they don't care much for anything they don't know. Due to their isolation, they are rather inbred …

  • Mossmudd

    The Mossmuds live on the outskirts of the swamps, and cultivate all kinds of herbs. They can have a pious air about themselves as they stroll about in their humble hemp attire, discussing at length matters of philosophy and nature. The other [[Vhalier]] …

  • Nick

    Self-reliant and eternally wearing a stern face, he can be a little no non-sense, but once you get to know him, he's really a good guy.

  • Ellayn

    Often taking the responsibility of watching other people's kids, she's the most socially minded settler, however, she can be one of the most crude. Mmmm, bear-claw! Romnomnom.

  • Trew Onaf

    Widower merchant that was found dying off the trail between [[Vhalas]] and [[Pyrexa]]. The party saved him from a small gang of gnolls that surely would have eaten his flesh. Feels a deep sense of gratitude toward the adventurers for saving his and …

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