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  • Caelleon Tirnoquilë

    A Champion of the Dark War, King of the Elven people and one of six anointed as [[Guardian]] over the people of [[Auolun]] by the [[Gods|gods]]. His weapon is a Ruby Bow. He's kind of a big deal.

  • Di Ailalla

    An elven woman with her son Samiel. She is coming over to the town to reunite with her husband, Noriand, who was one of the Carpenters that came over with the original party.

  • Alanna

    Wife of [[:andreil]] A very curious and vivacious individual. Somewhat of a free spirit, but utterly enamored with her husband, who is the only one that seems able to direct her playful-wildness.

  • Traeger

    This elf has an acute interest in the healing arts, or more accurately, getting healthy and staying healthy. He runs 10 miles every morning, and is a strict vegan. An eternal optimist, he also knows a thing or two about tending a battered and broken body. …

  • Andreil

    Husband of [[:alanna]]. Good with numbers, he is in charge of managing the settler's supplies. He loves his wife for her child-like liberty to be her self, but has also seen it get her in some trouble.

  • Eäritharwen

    Dutiful and loyal to the King. Assigned to assist whenever possible to the guard of the town.

  • Noriand

    The husband of Di. He was one of the carpenters that came over with the first group to start the town, when it was attacked, and his body was not found among the dead. Found among the Dark Eyes cult in Pyrexa, he denied knowing Di at all.

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