The Shadow of the Ordragul

Session One

The party arrived with advisers and commoners in tow, finding the settlement in ruins. A quick search revealed bodies littering the settlement, and the buildings in disrepair. The chimney column of the town hall had collapsed, falling on, destroying, and sealing off the doorway into its basement/storage space. They found that a man was hiding in the basement. They pulled out the debris and he told of how some people had attacked in the night, and he hid in the storage room. The attackers started tearing down the town, and then the chimney column collapsed, trapping him inside. Inspection of the bodies revealed six of the carpenters and the eight attackers. An elvish woman, Di Ailalla, started freaking out because her husband, Noriand, a carpenter who had come to the settlement ahead of time, could not be found among the dead. The monk was intent to get some alcohol, but the sorc found it first.

[insert the name of Dillon’s mage], returned from the forest after overcoming a terrible case of IBS.

Some tracking revealed some interesting footprints leading out of the town, opposite from where the party had arrived. Hailing the guardswoman E√§ritharwen, the party set off along said trail. As night encroached, they settled at a crossroads, and Earitharwen took the first watch. A sound to the north of camp awoke the mage and the sorcerer, who broke off to investigate. The sorc could see in the pitch of night, and saw a could yards outside their camp a large … shrimp? He cast mage light on the beast, and the beast was startled. It began whipping its antenna this way and that, but to no avail removing this startling light, so with a kick of its tail, it went flying off into the sky, darting this way and that, trying to get away from the light. “Let’s shoot it” the sorc said to the mage, and they shot it down with two magical missiles. They returned to the camp, instructing everyone to head north. There, they encountered 3 local humans and their two dogs walking around the felled shrimp.

The Barbarian, devoid of any concept of stealth, walked right up to them. The locals accused him of killing their Jumbo Shrimp and two dogs (the ranger was “hiding” in some bushes as the dog got closer than he cared for). A brief altercation ensued, leaving the farmer and his hired hand Nikkus knocked out, while the farmer boy made for a vain retreat. In an effort to smooth things over, they offered the boy some whiskey/gin, which he drank an ungodly amount of. The party then informed the boy of an attack to the west, and who he thought would do such a thing, to which the boy answered the Ice-Breakers Tribe, a bunch of religious nuts to the south. They asked him if he had any means of transportation, and he told them they had killed their only means of transportation … the Jumbo Shrimp. He promised a 1000 gold if they corralled him a new one. They thanked him as he passed out from the alcohol, and set the scene to make it look like the Farmer and the hired hand had gotten into a drunken fight.

The next morning, the party set out, and realized that they had a long ways to go. On the trail south, they met some merchants heading the opposite way. Understandably, those merchants were not willing to part with the only horse that was towing their goods, but kindly offered a Machus Leaf, which would enable them to run very fast (among other things). The Barbarian, devoid of any concept of poisons, ate his right away. And indeed, he was able to run swift as the wind, and so the ranger followed suit. But in about twenty minutes, they began to get the sweats, and then the hallucinations. The ranger, well ahead of the rest of the group, sat down to appreciate the colors of a bird chirping when he saw a turtle walk in front of him on it’s hind feet. The turtle had all kinds of colorful markings on him that were swirling in color. It came up to him, and said “ke?” and the colors on the turtle began to swirl around the rangers head.

The mage and the sorcerer had finally caught up to the Barbarian and were approaching the ranger, in the middle of his private light-show, when bandits on the road attacked from a cliff face beside the road. The barbarian hacked and slashed, the monk punched and flashed, and the casters weaved their spells. All while a hidden bandit attacked from brushes opposite the cliff face. The Mage fell to throwing daggers, and the barbarian fell that elvish bandit hiding in the bushes.

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